Sunday, April 08, 2007

Review of "Some Global Positioning Dharma" Richard Krech

Krech (left) Thurston Moore (Right)

Some Global Positioning Dharma Richard Krech (Round Barn Press 945 Kains Ave Albany, CA. 94706)

This is a book of simple poems that speak of balance, harmony, and the eternal. They remind of me of the still sheet of some isolated pond that is slightly broken by a stone cast on its waters.
So it follows Krech has a poem “Art Therapy”: “To paint the big picture/ w/exquisite detail/ &economy of words. / No easy task. I choose/ to break off smaller chunks/ & make what I can
of them. / throwing pebbles in a pond.”

And here is a well-rendered picture of the simple beauty of a meal eaten over the Bay of Tangiers: “Ramadan Evening (Tangiers 1989)”:

I see people sitting at tables
looking over the By of Tangiers
hot steam rising
from their bowls.

Poised/ Time Suspends/ Sky Darkens.
The muezzin cries.

After giving thanks
they eat.

A fine collection of quiet, calming and crafted poetry by Richard Krech.

Doug Holder/ Ibbetson Update

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