Thursday, November 16, 2006

Other Investigations. ( Vol. 1, Issue 1) Nov. 2006 $5 investigations

Local writer Ilya Zaychik, and former editor of the defunct magazine “Stationaery,” magazine, has produced with Dave McNamara, Bonnie Rubrecht, and Lauren Macleod, a chapbook ‘zine of poetry: “Other Investigations.” McNamara’s,( the founder of, hand in this enterprise is evident, as the production speaks first rate production values. There is also fine art by LauraLee Gulledge , and Michelle Ramirez.

There are a number of essays and some poetry in this first edition. J.D. Smith has an interesting article on that publishing enigma-- the chapbook, titled: “Chapbooks, Why?” Smith does see the value of these little gems—although he admits they are almost always a commercial failure. Tom O’Hare has a very clever poem “ Baby Steps,” that compares getting the right words together to a row of dominoes falling or not falling into place. “Other Investigations” is another interesting addition to the small press scene.

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Doug Holder/ Ibbetson Update

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  1. Although I appreciate Doug's kind words, I should make sure credit is given where it's deserved and point out that I believe Lauren MacLeod did all of the layout and design for the issue; I was merely an adviser.