Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feeding My Heart To The Wind: Selected Short Poems. 1999-2005 Michael Kriesel. $6. (http://www.sunnyoutside.com/ )

Dave McNamara, the founder of the Somerville independent press “sunnyoutside,” is not only an editor but a very serious designer of books. The look of the book is almost as important as the contents. McNamara writes of the design of “Feeding My Heart… “ The cover text was set by hand in Alternate Gothic No. 2, along with a linocut by Adrian Rodriquez…” And so on. But it’s all over my head.

However…these short poems by Kriesel are accessible, tightly written, economical and well-constructed. Kriesel, seems to have studied the short form and serves it to us on a fully fleshed plate. Here is an inspired little ditty “ Cabbage Moths.”

Past the garden

By confetti


And in “American Haiku” I can’t but stop thinking about our debacle in Iraq:

Bull frogs
To ponder
That last
Cherry bomb

This is another tasty poetic morsel from the folks at “sunnyoutside”

Doug Holder/ Ibbetson Update/ Aug 2006


  1. "cabbage moths" is one of the best poems in the book.

    a perfect short one, as good as Basho.

  2. good review, Doug!

    Chris - "cabbage moths" is a great poem. not sure if it's one of the best in this book, but it's certainly one of the best from "Matter Ballet."