Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Marc Widershien--founder of "Poplar Editions," and author of poetry collection "Poems of Survival" http://marccreate@aol.com marccreate@aol.com

Well, guys there is a new press in town "Poplar Editions," founded by Ibbetson author Marc Widershien "The Life of All Worlds" ( Ibbetson 2001) Marc is releasing the first book from this spanking new press, his own, "Poems of Survival." Marc tells me he has plans to publishes several titles, including an anthology by senior citizen poets who attend his state-wide seminars, as well as an anthology of participants from his Emack and Bolio Series in Roslindale. To find out more about Marc go to www.marccreate.com Marc Widershien, founder of "Poplar Editions." marcreate@aol.com

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