Friday, September 21, 2018

The Sunday Poet: Sarah Dickenson Snyder

                    Sarah Dickenson Snyder

Sarah Dickenson Snyder has written poetry since she knew there was a form with conscious line breaks. She has two poetry collections, The Human Contract and Notes from a Nomad, both published in 2017.

{yonder animalsfromtheneckdown}
after e. e. cummings
yonder animalsfromtheneckdown—
the scurriers on dried leaves seem yonder
no more—dead mouse in a slippery sink,
one sunk to the bottom of a toilet bowl,
all of their scant brown scat—dashes
of how close the wildness is, a ripening
unburdened through walls—we all scurry
in a world, gnaw our way to sweet,
camouflage the underbelly but know {not
for the first time} that every creature
is thirst stricken and will spill
upon the earth in the end.

© Sarah Dickenson Snyder

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