Thursday, May 07, 2020

Poem during the Plague: Poem 33

Joy Martin

Southern-born, Joy makes her home in the Boston area, with memberships in the Newton Poetry Group and the Poetry Society of Virginia. Her poems explore the many facets of life, including her and broader humanity’s place and challenges within it.

A Recombinant Tale

Horseshoe bat meets
scaly anteater
Scanning electron microscope
shows yellows
emerge amidst
pinks and blues.

Surface proteins
mutate, roam until
human host found
then escalate
to pandemic form
leaving calling-card
antibodies in you.

Tale’s origin?
Location unknown.


  1. Very poignant... Brings forth an unsettled emotion that sits below the surface and behind our masks.

  2. A fine entry into the public sphere...

  3. Love the ending...calling card antibodies...wish they hadn't visited!

  4. In tight vivid language, the tale is spun.