Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Jason Chase: Child of the 'burbs and an artist in Somerville

Somerville artist Jason Chase sent us this statement about himself:

"Painter, culture vulture, artist Jason Chase is an American every man. Like most of us, he was raised on a diet of TV shows and cereal. His mom managed the household while his dad brought home the bacon, and he went off to college and even did a stint in grad school. However, unlike most of us, his consumption of culture and the world around him manifested itself into some of the most peculiar visual art. But unlike the bulk of pop culture, Chase doesn’t aim to mock his suburban roots as much as explore them and his role within that realm. The results are vivid and deceptively innocuous, but never shopworn."

Tell us about your Somerville experience.

I have lived in Somerville for over 10 years. My home and studio are in Spring hill.  I love how Somerville just keeps getting friendlier and friendlier to the arts community.  It’s a very comfortable place to create. 

Our city is unique because it keeps evolving.  Every year some new venue or event gets created and I love the direction it’s headed. 

What are you working on?

I’m currently working on some oil paintings involving Barbie, and I’m always working on pieces that use the blackest black, Singularity black. 

In the future I hope to black out a wrecked motorcycle and a wrecked car, pretty large scale pieces and it will take a lot of work and funding to pull off.  None of the pieces I’m making right now involve the pandemic, but it’s only a matter of time until I make something that addresses it.  It’s inevitable, all of my work is about my own life, and this is a new reality.  I’m being cautious about forcing a piece out now though, there is usually a lot of bad art made about tragedies when they’re not thought out and quick like a knee jerk reaction. 

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