Saturday, September 08, 2018

The Sunday Poet: Diane Smith

Poet Diane Smith

Diane Smith  writes about global issues that haunt us all—the diminishing middle class, the poor, refugees, healthcare; those who have little visibility or power in society.  Smith has garnered awards for her writing in Canada, England, and the United States.  She is a graduate of Harvard University with a Master of Liberal Arts in Journalism through the School of Continuing Education.


The long, slow haunting whistle of the train 
Announces the arrival of the midnight special 
Midgets, bearded ladies, tigers and clowns 
Descend the conductor’s short, portable steps

Carny people sparkle with magic, 
Trinkets and trash and games of chance 
Swirling, whirling dervishes of dance 
Big Top with flying, sequined acrobats

Air thick with grease and deep-fried pronto pups,
Wispy cotton candy, peanuts, colas, 
Babies, sticky fingers, messy faces, 
Hot humid days, too swiftly passing by 

To the next town—the carny never stops
Bringing ferris wheels, tilt-a-whirls 
Thoughts of wonder, expectations rising: 
The ring toss and the endless broken ride

Days ebb as the carnival packs its bags,
Boxcars pulling up, loading animals 
Teens misting long goodbyes, as lights
Fade down the tracks, last refuge of summer

-Diane Smith

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