Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Dan Provost

Poet Dan Provost

Dan Provost has been published throughout the small press for years.  He is the author of eight books and currently lives in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

A Thought in the Snow

The little things don’t matter anymore…

Breathing in air from a recent storm…

Lying in wait, looking at the clouds that form

Attainable shapes and images…


These are things good people adjust to

When they are torn within—or barren

Only for a moment, of battle of soul…

You walk tainted, alone…

Turning up your collar to keep

Away the deadening cold,

And your thoughts are of penance…

A pathetic form of forgiveness to

A spirit that is unattainable…

Not to be seen nor heard

From the legions that swell all

Around you.

They see the time of day and

A moment of accepted clarity…

You see an army of nothing




A quest for the steps

Of a nowhere that

Has been resolved

By the damned few

Who’s terrible escape

Is all too fast

and much too sudden…

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