Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Narratives of Transformative Love-- a new project by Prema Bangera

( Painting by Prema Bangera--click on to enlarge)

Narratives of Transformative Love:  ( A program that is in the making by Prema Bangera, executive director of Teen Voices Emerging in Boston-- Bangera will be my guest today on Poet to Poet Writer to Writer.  See it live at 5:30 PM  June 20  at http://scatvsomerville.org  Bangera writes:

"Our mission is on identifying and breaking down internalized oppression to recreate a positive and true self-image. We believe in using art and writing to address past traumas, judgements, negative criticisms, and societal expectations in order to heal and transform our identity to reflect our strengths and develop self-love. We aim to empower people by giving them a voice to articulate their true identity in their own words and visions in order to create a personal and an institutional change". 

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