Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Plot of I1 Trovatore and other poems Gerald Locklin.

The Plot of I1 Trovatore and other poems Gerald Locklin. ( Kamini Press ) $6

Gerald Locklin is a well-published teacher, writer, and poet. A Locklin poem is valued currency in the small press. Hell—I have even seen a Locklin play reviewed in the old gray lady herself “The New York Times.” The guy gets around. Now , Henry Denander’s Kamini Press has released a chap of poetry by Locklin: “The Plot of l1 Trovatore…” Denander, is based in Sweden…I think he summers in Greece, well, he is way out of my league anyway. I usually summer in the South, South Boston that is , on the better side of Carson Beach. Denander’s small chapbooks are wonderfully illustrated by Denander himself, and to be published by him is a sought after commodity. In this chap there is a color sketch from the Verdi opera that is the title of the book, and a flattering sketch of the author in the back.

In his title poem “ The Plot…” Locklin brings Verdi’s opera down from its operatic heights to the shallows of the vernacular:

“…it’s described as being complicated
but it’s really not that bad:

good brother, bad brother
hot for the same maiden.
rich and powerful white geeks
making war, while gypsies sing and
dance and get laid…

simple as blood, guts and nuts.”

In the poem ”Roll, Baby, Roll” the poet uses Verdi’s prolific output as an example of going with your artistic flow, don’t look back, and be like the rabid dog chasing the meat truck or in this case your artistic destiny:

“ there’s a lesson to be learned:
when you’re on a roll,
keep pedaling like crazy
and pray it lasts fifty years,
while turning a deaf ear
to the envious
who will be urging you
to “get a life.”


Doug Holder/ Ibbetson Update/Sept 2008/Somerville, Mass.

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