Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Grolier Poetry Book Shop and Poetry Month

( 6 Plympton Street--Harvard Square)

Well on this crisp morning in April, Poetry Month, I stopped by the Grolier Poetry Book Shop, on Plympton Street in Harvard Square. I spoke to my friend Dan Wuenschel, the manager of the store. I asked Dan what he recommends:

Here it is:


Eternal Enemies by Adam Zagajewski
Selected Sonnets by Louis de Camoes
The Complete Fables of Jean de La Fontaine by Norman R. Shapiro

And I bought a copy on Dan’s recommendation of Somerville poet David Blair’s collection "Ascension Days". Dan tells me he teaches at the Art Institue in Boston, along with another Somerville poet of my acquaintance Tanya Larkin.

Dan also directed me to “Girly Man” by Charles Bernstien ,and "Kingdom of Ordinary Time" by Marie Howe.

I asked Dan to give me an off-the-cuff quote for poetry month. He quoted Zagajewski:

“ Poetry searches for radiance. Poetry is the kingly road that leads us farthest.”

Oh, and Dan told me Jorie Grahm and Taha Muhhamad Ali stopped by the store this week— so why not you for crying out loud?! …Tell Dan Doug Holder sent you!

Oh and don't forget, next Tuesday April 15 ( according to my friend poet and B.U. professor Tino Villanueva) the Dylan Thomas Tribute Tour stops at the Grolier 7PM.

"The tour features Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas, answering questions about her father and reading his poems and original poems of her own."

Ibbetson Update/ April 2008

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