Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Susan Red

Poet Susan Red

Susan Red is a writer, photographer, and artist currently living in the NYC area. While living in the Somerville area, she read at many open mics and self published her first chapbook containing poems and a short story.  Some of her writings and photographs can be found at

My Criteria For A Lover

Call me darling
often and say it 
Touch my lips with
your fingertip until
you can not 
another moment 
to kiss me
When I tremble 
from nervousness,
wrap me in 
my favorite blanket 
and tell me all good 
things about myself 
When I tremble 
from pleasure,
hold my body close,
get lost in the sound
of my breathing 
Instead of fancy cars,
let's take a hippie van
to the mountains and
watch the stars
When one of us is sad,
let's simply say "I Care."
Let's watch each other's 
favorite movies, listen 
to our favorite songs
then discuss the meanings
in depth all night long
And when we're tired,
too tired to do anything, 
let's simply be 
with each other,
until we fall asleep 
whispering Goodnight.

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