Sunday, January 31, 2010

Climbing The Family Tree Nancy Morgan-Boucher

Climbing The Family Tree
Nancy Morgan-Boucher
nimboucher @
2009 $7.00

Once I get over the formatting in this self published
chapbook, and try to focus on the poems; when I'm
able to concentrate, because visually it is hard to accept
the machine like centering. Okay, I'm over it,
lets get on with the reading:

"There must be
something, he said that
turns you on, something
that sparks you, that you
once wanted to live

The poems speak eloquently of family, the poets particular
family and there are often universal instances, phrases
rendered with a knowing, "We are born oozing with thick
wet skin…" The reader is often presented with well written
personal beliefs, "like a witch, with an easy wave of her wand…"
Nancy considers each word and juxtaposes verses in that
same consideration. She gives to her readers a strong
feminine perspective with references that come from her
experiences. These poems are voiced succinctly and may
require an audible understanding to be appreciated more
readily. It is an intimate poetic look at one persons life.

Irene Koronas
Poetry Editor
Wilderness House Literary Review

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