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The Poetry of Elizabeth Hansen Elizabeth Hanson 2011

The Poetry of Elizabeth Hansen
Elizabeth Hanson 2011

“long spears of ice
like bats unfurl themselves
in rows under the overhang
and sharply they sing and fall
into the embankment of snow
as a single wind calls to them...”

Hanson's poems in this self published chapbook will surprise
and embrace the reader. The core of what the poet is writing
is not as simple as it sounds. Her poetry reflects her relationships
and her surroundings. She places the words with careful touch.
Their core is a place like plums, pomegranates, and familiar flavors.
Similar to the differences in verse, the fruit remains itself. The
placed words the reader tastes and identifies. Hanson writes
about the core, the juice, the renewal relationships bring,
not too sweet or tart. We come to identify each poem as our own.
She is not to be missed or set aside:

“each morning
they gather, at the same coffeeshop
they discuss
world events the economy;
I'm always
getting my latte
my muffin,
there is a lot to say
about routine
about life
being predictable.
And if occasionally
your husband slaps you,
not because there is another woman
not because he wants to leave
(though these could always be
considered side issues)
nor because of what
you have done
but what life has
made him
and because deep down its
easier to blame
someone else-
than shouldering the blame
and maybe 'playing by the book'
'being a man' – is a killer
is life
is death
and respect
the lack of it
kills love
better than
a beating”

The poems collect our everyday routines and presents the ways only
a poet like Hanson can portray:

“...the woman
one day
her collection
in front
of the wall
and was never
seen again...”

Readers will be sustained by these poems, they will become the morning
fruits we eat.

Irene Koronas
Reviewer: Ibbetson Street Press
Poetry Editor: Wilderness House Literary Review

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