Saturday, December 09, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Susan Tepper

Poet Susan Tepper
Susan Tepper has been a writer for twenty years. Her stories, poems, interviews and essays have been published extensively worldwide. An award-winning author, Tepper has been nominated multiple times for the Pushcart Prize and once for a Pulitzer Prize for the novel. 'Let's Talk' her column at Black Heart Magazine runs monthly. FIZZ her reading series at KGB Bar, NYC, has been ongoing for eight years. Before settling down to study writing, Tepper worked as an actor, singer, flight attendant, marketing manager, tour guide, television producer, interior decorator, rescue worker and more


If you don’t have cash
to spare
give an apple, anyone can
afford one apple, or
maybe a muffin,
a corn muffin for a
stomach on a cold night
anyone could,
Or maybe you could
give a coat
you never wear anymore
stuffed in the dusty
back of your closet, there
must be sweaters and jackets
back in there, too,
you could give
gathering cobwebs
you could shake off
in the fresh air,
you could give a scarf or
peaches in a can,
anyone could
spare a can of cling peaches
from inside your cupboard,
smashed against other cans and
spices and crinkly bags of
pasta, maybe you could give
a sandwich, some meat and cheese
between two slices
of bread, anyone could
give a sandwich.
So many things
lying about you could give
without missing
a single beat.

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