Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Lummox Press--Nov. 2012, Release.... A Collection of the Best Poets from the Independent or Small Presses.

.......I am glad that I have been asked to be a  Contributing Guest Editor for this great new anthology put out by R.D. Armstrong's Lummox Press. I am representing the Boston Area Small Press Scene, and I have selected these significant poets: Dan Sklar, Zvi A. Sesling, Timothy Gager, Irene Koronas, Deborah Finkelstein , Robert K. Johnson, Harris Gardner, Gloria Mindock, Dennis Daly, and Sam Cornish.  My own work will be included as well . Many of these names you may recognize as significant contributors to Small Presses and Independent Magazines for the last few decades.  Best-- Doug Holder

Some other contribtors include:

Doug Draime, Matt Galletta, Ed Nudelman, Aaron Belz, April Ossman, Patricia Fargnoli, Grace Cavalieri, Sam Rasnake, Pris Campbell, Tara Birch, John Macker, Frances LeMoine, Frank Kearns, Frank Reardon, Gary Jacobelly, Tim Peeler, Mike Meloan, Jane Lippman, Gary Moody, Janet Eigner, Joan Logghe, Judith Toler, Mary McGinnis, Blair Cooper, Elizabeth Raby, James McGrath, Yves C. Lucero, Catherine Ferguson,

Jayne Stahl, John Yamrus, Tony Moffeit, Krikor n. Der Hohannesian, Kyle Laws, Larry Rogers, Marie Lecrivain, Linda Lerner, Luis Campos, Lyn Lifshin, Micheal Spring, Mather Schneider, Mike Adams, James Taylor III, Jared Smith, Jerry Smaldone, Karen Douglass, Phil Woods, Captain Barefoot, Mike Grover, Nancy Shifrin, AD Winans, Marc Olmsted, Lynn Hayes, Rick Smith, Sheryl L. Nelms, H.L. Thomas, Guy R. Beining, RL Raymond, Ron Koertge, Sean Dougherty, Simon Perchik, Judith Skillman, Suzanne Lummis, Terry Sanville, John Swain, Larry Gladeview, Tim Tipton, M. Mitchell, Walter Ruhlmann, Adam Walsh, Wanda Clevenger, William Doreski, Will Taylor, Winnie Star, Wolf Carstens, Jay Passer  


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  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    this issue will prove to be an interesting blend of poets. thanks doug