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Author Becca Chambers is Beyond the Great Abyss

Author Becca Chambers is Beyond the Great Abyss
Interview with Doug Holder

  At one time author Becca Chambers found herself weighing over two hundred pounds, chronically depressed, with a litany of health problems. If you saw her today you would see an animated and fit woman who has left her ills in the dust. Chambers, a Doctor of Naturopathy, has discovered energy therapies that have transformed her. She has a written a memoir of her experiences Beyond the Great Abyss. I talked with Chambers on my Somerville Community Access TV show Poet to Poet Writer to Writer.

Doug Holder: Can you tell us about the Whole Body Vibration you practice—the very therapy that transformed your life?

Becca Chambers: It is therapy that involves standing on a platform that visually moves. It sends vibrations throughout your body, and it is enormously therapeutic on many levels all at once: body, mind and spirit. It has changed my life.  Vibration is part of everything. Every part of you is made of molecules that are vibrating. It works on the vibrational energy or life force. It is sort of like acupuncture. It works on your energy. The Russians invented this therapy 40 years ago. Astronauts use it—it increases bone density. It is an extensive workout. It has great systemic benefits. It increases serotonin levels in the brain, and gets the toxins out of you.

DH:  The cover of your memoir has a picture of a half owl and half woman.  What is the idea behind this?

BC: The idea is that I grew up depressed—I had thirty years of  depression. I felt hopeless. But the owl is symbolic of wisdom. And the Great White Owl—is very powerful—so watch out! So this was a symbol of my transformation.

DH: So the memoir is about transformation?

BC: Well there is my story in the book. It is also about a man I met. It starts about five years ago after I got divorced. I was married 23 years; it was traumatic. I met this man about a year after the divorce. He too, has been deeply traumatized by things that have happened to him in his past. And I had my own baggage with 30 years of depression.  . So we came together and it was rather dramatic and scary at times. But we are changing. We use Whole Body Vibrations, and homeopathy. This is vibrational energy medicine. It is really energy transforming medicine. It helps you overcome your negative energy, fear and anger. I can’t begin to tell you how functional I am now. I’m happy, creative, and have good relationships. I didn’t do anything for years.

DH: You chose the diary format for your book—why?

BC:  It is written directly from my journals. I kept a journal through this whole period. A  few years ago I was looking through the journals and realized there was the book. I actually had a huge fear of writing. I had to fake my way into this. I really like the diary form. It is so immediate—it has a lot of power. I had to polish it up of course. I had some excellent writing coaches.

DH: Some memoirists have told me you have to exaggerate things  to get to the greater truth.

BC: I did not have to exaggerate. My life has been dramatic enough.

DH: Has writing this memoir helped with the healing process?

BC: I would say so. It gets your brain thinking, reviewing. You have a distance. Just the fact that I could write a book was a very healing thing for  me.

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