Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Are Ya' Charlie? By Doug Holder


                                          Kevin White
                                            Jerry Williams       

I used to listen to the late Jerry Williams on Talk Radio years ago. I was fairly new to Boston, and Williams gave me his unique take on the city and all its colorful players. On many of his shows he would do this parody of Mayor Kevin White's decidedly strong Boston accent. Williams shouted over the air " How are ya' Charlie!" with a very pronounced emphasis on the "rs"--if you know what I mean. I thought at the time that White couldn't possibly sound like this--Williams was just trying to get his ratings up with this cornball sketch. So one evening while strolling down Charles St. on the foot of Beacon Hill I head a voice behind me sounding very much like the one I heard on the radio: " How are ya' Charlie!" I figured it was Jerry Williams doing his shtick on the damp cobblestone sidewalk. I turned around and it was the Mayor himself , in all his glory, calling to a friend in the distance. I never doubted Williams again--I can tell you that!

Doug Holder/ Somerville, Mass.

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  1. My father was often on the Jerry Williams show with all his own cornball causes. He was a politician and DPW commissioner of the town of Randolph.