Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Conversation Pieces: Selected Interviews: Eric Greinke


Conversation Pieces
Selected Interviews
Eric Greinke
Presa :S: Press
ISBN 97831251-6-7
2012   $15.95

I think there may be magic hiding beneath what
we normally consider the mundane. I think poetry
has a unique power to penetrate, to open doors of
perception into a deeper, more wholistic vision.

Within the five interviews selected for publication, Eric Greinke
gives the reader a glimpse of how the small press works and it's
history as it relates to Greinke's involvement many years ago:

Pilot Press began as a conscious effort to market
our writings...as we settled into it we centered on
those aspects of the art which we saw as having the
greatest moral value and aesthetic clarity.

Each interview lends to an overall look-see at the poet
as publisher and writer.  Greinke journeys the reader
from beginning to the present day and his current,
Presa :S: Press success. His devotion and energy to the
poetic community is astounding and deserves praise:

The small press today continues to be where the pure
poetry is published,...there is no way to become an
instant poet...MFA programs insulate students from
the struggle of real life to a degree, & also tend to
over-analyze & intellectualize what is essentially
a non-rational, creative process.

Greinke tells us about his writing life as well as the
publishing life of a poet. What Greinke speaks about
applies now and will always apply because he is a
principled poet with a commitment to the community.
In 'The Broken Lock,' the doors of perception opened...
I think one can approach poetry from either inside-out
or outside-in. The result is fundamentally the same.

The creative process is exciting to me and sustains
my interest as a means of transcendentalism. The more
I practice Zen self-discipline, the more naturally it flows.

Irene Koronas
Poetry Editor:
Wilderness House Literary Review
Ibbetson Street Press

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