Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Insane in the quatrain by Bradley Lastname

Insane in the quatrain

bradley Lastname

the press of the 3rd mind

Chicago, Illinois

2011 $10.00

Bradley Lastname enjoys defication words:

"I said to shy Nola

don't I know you from somewhere?

when she told me I don't know shit from shinola,

shy nola wasn't so shy any more.

she asked me where the rest room was,

and I pointed it out to her.

I may not know shit from shy nola,

but i know where shy nola shits"

In saying the above, i'm reminded of the surrealists; especially Salvatore Dali

who thought defication was the ultimate symbol of surrealism: the surrealist

banned him from their circle, society or from their water closet. the title of this book

is aptly named, an ambiguous refrain:

"I went out last saturday night,

and placed a bet on a cock fight.

on the left was hackle,

on the right was jackle,

now they're both in need of poultry spackle."

The 189 pages of this book, jammed full of play, satire, poetry, prose and latrines:

"i can't say i ever caught his name,

but i don't give a fuck, so it's all the same

i just scratch my head as he runs his game,

he's the dude who tapes everything,

but he never taped me..."

One might be inclined to think of bukowski but let me reasure you these are not

bukowski lines but maybe considered surreal in tyhat he juctaposes different

elements, quatrains? if you want to dispute my review, I suggest you buy the

book and read for yourself



irene koronas
poetry editor:
Wilderness House Literary Review


Ibbetson Street Press

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