Saturday, May 22, 2010

Only Wings: 20 poems of devotion by Donald Lev

Only Wings
20 poems of devotion
Donald Lev
Presa :S: Press
2010 $6.00

Review by Irene Koronas

'Only Wings' respectfully looks at what it mans to be part of
ritual, "Standing tall, which row of Monoliths wins your
respect, your fear."

"Jesus fell off the cross just as the bell
announced the store was closing.
Everyone made a bee line for the checkout counters
and forgot all about Jesus
who picked himself up and dragged himself to the bus stop
and somehow made it back home without anyone being the wiser.
This denouement, which I know of, and now you do too, obviously
has made little difference to history, but seems to be mysteriously
reflected in a public radio program I heard this afternoon comparing
lamb recipes for Easter with a recipe for special chicken soup for
Passover using only wings."

I 'just' love this chapbook and so will you. Lev has a sacred sense of humor that has me laughing out laud.

"Categories, folders, lost
the shroud with the image of Jesus
the virgin's tears, echoes of Masada:
the loneliness of anywhere…
Is it said matter may disappear
yet not cease to be?
I have looked everywhere
I can. Now my eyes turn vainly

Irene Koronas
Ibbetson Street Press
Poetry Editor:
Wilderness House Literary Review

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