Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't you want to advertise with the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene?

Don't you want to advertise with the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene ? 

Why watch your book, CD, magazine, retreat, collect dust? The Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene is a must!  

We have or had clients like Finishing Line Press, Bellday Books, Grolier Poetry Book Shop, Concord Poetry Center, Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference, Mass. Poetry Festival, Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Hanging Loose Press, Cape Cod Writers Center, Poetica Publishing, Cervena Barva Press, Great American Poetry Show,  Streetfeet Women, University of Chicago Press, Muddy River Books, etc... Poet and writers like Bob Brooks, Kathleen Spivack, Bill Knott, Ed Sanders, Alan Catlin, Elizabeth Kirschner, Joan Houlihan, Susan Tepper, Mike Amado,  Miriam Levine, Judy Katz Levine, Paul Steven Stone, Wendy Mnookin, Fred Marchant, Gloria Mindock, Streetfeet Women, and many more...why not YOU!

*** Voted by Wikio as an April 2010 top literary site....

We reach a wide readership in the poetry community, Boston/Cambridge/Somerville and way beyond... We send the site url out on a regular basis to hundreds of poets, writers and editors. Your ad will appear at the top of the page (includes a picture and up to 70 words of text). The ad can only be literary related, and will be linked to a site where your book CD, etc... can be ordered.

Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene 617-628-2313

Rates $30 a month $50 for three months.

Payable by Paypal  or check.


Founded in 2003 by poet, teacher, editor, journalist, reviewer, and overall impresario Doug Holder, this serves as a model “alternative literary” site dedicated to building, reporting on, and promoting a local literary scene. In this case, while centered in Somerville, MA, the scene is that of greater Boston, which Holder boosts as the Paris of New England.  His first affinity is for beat poets, but he celebrates a generous range of local poets and fiction writers, many of them nationally known.  --DEWITT HENRY ( Founder of Ploughshares Magazine)

"He (Doug Holder) has created one of the finest websites for information about the Boston area literary world and beyond..." Fred Marchant, PhD. Suffolk University, Boston. Director of Creative Writing/ Director of the Poetry Center

"Everyone at Ploughshares is a big fan of your blog." --- The Ploughshares Staff

"...nice blogging site...really good looking and's the nicest one I've seen--it is filled with interesting stuff, and beautifully laid out. I will have to click on more often" Kate Snodgrass/ Artistic Director/Boston Playwrights' Theatre

" ...with genuine admiration, I have been following your synchronized and synchronistic wonderous broadcasting of news about poetry and poets." --Nicomedes Suarez- Arauz ( Professor of Spanish--Smith College)

"The articles you send make me feel in touch with the
writing world." Dan Sklar ( Director of Creative Writing-Endicott College-Beverley, Mass.)

"Higganum Hill Books" had the pleasure of nominating Sarah Getty's "Bring Me Her Heart," for the "James Laughlin Award," in part because of the fine review in Ibbetson."- Richard Debold ( Publisher of Higganum Hill Books.)

"When There Is No Shore," won the "Connecticut Book Award," one of the quotes the judge used in his introduction was from your review. I want to tell you how thankful I am for your help in getting this award." ( Vivian Shipley- Editor of the Connecticut Review)

"Just wanted to say that you're site is great, and thanks for keeping us in the loop..."

Karen Wulf
Executive Director
PEN New England
Emerson College
Boston, Ma.

Hi Doug,

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your editing and presentation of our interview on your blogspot. You worked a little alchemy on my mumbling and made it intelligible and even at times intelligent. I'm indebted to you. Thank you very much.

-Alfred Nicol/ Winner of the Richard Wilbur Award.

"Wonderful interview by Doug Holder. For too long the influence of Charles Plymell's poetry and the important work of the Cherry Valley Press has gone largely unrecognized." ( poet Rod McKuen)

"I've always found your blog informative and a good way of keeping up with poetry in Boston." ( Brian Wilkins- Scarab Magazine)

* Your ad helps the independent small press "Ibbetson Street" survive and thrive!


  1. Kirk Etherton3:55 PM

    Doug Holder does more to support and promote poetry in this area than anyone I know. His "Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene" is one example--it's excellent in every way. My advice to anyone trying to get the word out regarding any publication or event is always, "First, contact Doug."
    - Kirk Etherton, winner of the 2009 Ibbetson Street Press Poetry Award

  2. I can't keep up with Doug's activities. I've gotta keep up with Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. Rich, thorough, diverse, timely, local, broad, human can I keep up with your bloodspot (let alone my own?!). I've never figured out whether I can subscribe.

    Doug, thanks for your work

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM