Saturday, June 06, 2020

Poem During the Plague: Poem 52

Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Best-known for his Pulitzer-nominated biography INVENTING MARK TWAIN, he has recently completed a new novel, HOW TO LIVE FOREVER. He holds a PhD from Brown University and has been an entrepreneur, primarily in educational technology, since 1997. He lives in Providence, RI.


We are cities
separated by a river.
            I will build a boat.

We are countries
separated by war.
            I will broker peace.

We are planets
separated by emptiness.
            I dream a spaceship.

Centuries come between us.
By faith alone
            I will become a man of your time.

Even death can’t come between us,
not against the force of love.

But as it is
only a small chasm
keeps us apart.
            A rope can bridge it.
When I throw the rope
will you catch it?

Or will your end
slide into the chasm,
and me with it?

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