Monday, April 06, 2020

Poem During the Plague Poem 1

William Falcetanois a  prematurely retired professor of philosophy and former colleague of Doug Holder; he is a Bagel Bard in good standing who lives in happy quarantine on Plum Island. 

Poems During the Plague
(at the request of Doug Holder)

My Corona

My Corona is a spikey globuleCovered in fatty lipidsAnd filled with evil proteins.
My Corona loves me but I do not love her back.She sticks her lovely spikes into meAnd pulls out my RNA to replicate herself day by day.She is happy to infect my lungs; They are for her a love song to be sung.
If she has her way, she will stay thereUntil I no longer am here, nor exist.Upon my exit from this world she insists.You could say she loves me to death.I will admit that her love is quite breathless.
If only I could be less attractive to herAnd she would pursue other suitors – that I would prefer.But she is so very clingy, that little thingy with spikes.I would squash her underfoot; I would kill her on sight,If only I could see the tiny bugger, so small is she, hiding in my alveoli. 
And when my immune system moves to evict herShe eludes the pursuer as Jean Valjean escapes Javert.The fat spikey globule then ends up the victorAs I descend into a dungeon of despair.
Who unleashed this plague upon the world? Was it Mother Nature or some other mother? Whoever it was they’ve paid the Devil’s due,Poured forth upon the earth a rancid witches brew.  

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