Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Sunday Poet: Julia Carlson

Julia Carlson

Julia Carlson received her BA (Philosophy) and MA (Social Work ) from Boston University, and a Diploma in Linguistics (Universite de Toulouse-Mirail, France). She is author of two chapbooks, Turn of the Century (Cloudkeeper Press, 2008 ) and Drift (March Hare Press, 2012). Her recent collection, Prayer for the Misbegotten was published by Oddball Press in 2017; her next collection will be out in 2019. Her poems have been published in Lyrical Somerville, Wilderness House Literary Review, Bagel Bards Anthologies (& was Editor of #5), and Muddy River Poetry Review. She is the recipient of a Davis-Kidd Poetry Award and the 2017 Poetrykit Summer Competition (UK). She makes her home in Cambridge, MA, likes rock and roll, and a wee dram on a cold night.


Mom just lost her job 
but no one knows that 
about that 

Millennial son still lives at home 
not paying any rent 
strung out on dope 
but no one knows 

Dad is screwing his new secretary 
but only he knows it 
He’ll be damned if  
the wife finds out.   
But she doesn’t know 

Outside, rain falls steady and wet. 
Fourteen year old daughter’s 
new boyfriend is thirty 
but the parents don’t  
knows about him 

Thank God for the radio 
blasting some unnamed punk tune 
Three bar refrain and heavy bass 
thumps as she dances in the kitchen. 
No one’s told her to  
turn it down. 

Soon it will be time  
for dinner, Domino’s take-out. 
They’ll sit in front of the TV 
light up their cell phones 
stare at the blue-lit screens 
while they text and eat the pizza.  
Which hasn’t gotten cold 

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