Monday, October 29, 2018

Art Farm in Somerville

A note from Greg Jenkins--Director of The Somerville Arts Council:

Hello.  I’m writing to request your help and support for our ArtFarm capital project.   As many of you know, or have participated in community meetings (thank you again), ArtFarm is a capital project for the City of Somerville to convert the former 2.1 acre waste transfer site into a “creative commons”   

We conducted over 7 public meetings and have determined to focus on area that would transform the site and serve the broader community.  The site’s utility will provide:

·        2.1 acres of open space/passive recreation that will include;
·        5,500 sq. ft. ArtBarn to provide indoor space for performances, meetings, gallery space, a future/potential café space;
·        Community gardens for the general public
·        Large outdoor civic space for events and passive recreation
·        Urban agricultural initiatives with our current partners of Groundwork, Green City Growers, and the City’s own Shape up Somerville.  (these partnerships and activities are currently operational.)

Just recently we submitted a grant proposal for the third time (we withdrew the application the previous submittals due to construction timelines, etc.) to the Community Preservation Committee to support ArtFarm as we move forward in finalizing design development, construction documents in hopes of starting construction---to complete the ArtBarn and all the landscaping on half of site, next spring. 

I ask for your support and three minutes of time.

Please send a short support email to CPC administrator,  Kristen Stelljes:

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