Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Zach Baum and others bring a vibrant public market to Union Square, Somerville

article by Doug Holder

Nestled behind the P.A's .Lounge off of Somerville Ave., 1 Bow Market Way, to be exact—is a new public market--the Bow Market-- brought to you by Zach Baum and his other co-conspirators. Baum-- a graduate of Tufts University-- who has a background in high tech and real estate development, told me he was influenced by the Agora-style markets in ancient Greece-- public open spaces used for assemblies and markets. Baum-- a man with curly mop of red-brownish hair and an affable manner told me, “We really wanted to create a vibrant place—with affordable spaces for artists, food markets, and a host of small vendors who might have been forced out of the market because of high rents. Here they would all share the same facilities, like the courtyard, bathrooms, etc... and many of the places are a 1,000 month to rent or less.”

I sat outside with Baum in the courtyard in front of the Remnant Brewery—an inviting space—with a gleaming metal brewery-and undoubtedly producing tasty craft beer. I saw a space for a macaroon shop, and Baum told me there is going to be (or currently there is) a fishmonger, spaces for immigrant food shops, caterers, art galleries, a chocolatier  and yes--The Comedy Studio. This was the very venue for upcoming comedians and their loyal audiences that was priced out of the Hong Kong Restaurant in Harvard Square. Baum also told me there will be spaces for vintage clothes, stationary shops, shoe retailers, and more.

Interestingly enough, according to Baum—60% of the vendors will be women and over 45% will be people of color. He feels the low rents will provide opportunities for this population.

Baum told me at the end of the summer there will be a grand opening. I plan to be there-- hoisting a craft beer and basking under the late summer sun.

For more information go to: http://www.bowmarketsomerville. com

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