Monday, January 15, 2018

Boston Poet Walter Howard has passed....

Walter reading at Stone Soup---video from Chad Parenteau
Walter in the Somerville Times

Dear friends,

With her permission, I'm passing on a message from Joan Kimball, a good friend of Walter Howard. Please feel free to contact her at her email address below.

Dear Friend of Walter Howard,
                I am sad to tell you that we lost Walter today, Sunday, January 14, 2018. His brother Richard and Richard’s wife Pam called me this afternoon to let me know. After a private service, he will be buried in the family plot in Bridgewater, MA.
                I am glad that back in December he was able to enjoy the reading of his manuscript  by so many of his poetry friends.
                Also, just a week ago, Kay and I and some of Kay’s church choir sang to him while Verna held his hand and heard him sing a few notes along with us.
The book of 51 of his poems, “Walter Howard: Reflections in Moonlight,” edited by Debbie Martin and myself, to be published by Wilderness House, is almost ready to print. 
                From the book, here’s a piece toward the end of Walter's poem, “Apples of Immortality."
I am but an old harpsichord
With spine no longer steel.. 
I am but broken keys and spindly legs
A limp, faded old flag,
Father of uncertain notes. 
But I can still play
The old song
The earth sang in its youth.
    *     *     *
And we can flee! West!
West to the Garden of the Hesperides
West to the serpent-guarded gate!
West to the oasis where Christ stands!
Slay the serpent!
Storm the oasis!
Run with Christ!
Steal from the Tree of Paradise
Its apples gold!
In sorrow,

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