Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Ed Meek

Poet Ed Meek

Ed Meek is the author of the poetry collections "Spy Pond" and  "What We Love." He also has a collection of short stories out titled, "Luck." Ed has recently joined the staff of  "Ibbetson Street" as a managing editor.


--Silence is so accurate (Mark Rothko)

Silence is so inaccurate.
It is the sense of absence
when someone is gone.
It is the ellipsis at the end of the story…

It is not the comma, but the period.
It is the break at the end of the end-stopped line.
It fills the spaces between the fingers and toes.
It is the hesitation before you choose:

the interior sigh whenever you lose.
The empty room after the door closes;
It is the blank page, the white space.
It is what remains unsaid.

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