Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Bridget Galway

Bridget Galway

Bridget Seley- Galway artist/poet- Her art has graced several covers of Ibbetson Press, Bagels with the Bards, and individual poet collections of Doug Holderand Molly Lynn Watt. Her poetry published in 2009-16, Bagel with the Bards, Ibbetson Press #34 and #39, #41,2016 Poetry Porch, and featured on WOMR 2001-02 Provincetown Poetry Corner. She has exhibited throughout New England. From 2009-12 was arts editor/curator for Wilderness House Literary Review. In 1990 co-founded/directed El Arco Iris free arts center in Holyoke. In 2014 procured funding, established/facilitated Youth Arts Arise free after school arts program at Arts at the Armory in Somerville. Ma.

Summer’s Dusk to City Night
The air’s cooled blanket
waves over my skin with the breeze.
I look up to the leaves quiver in response,
and higher still to the bright half Moon
peaking through gray blue to waning light-
as it expands down,
to disappear behind a mix of architecture,
where the sun has since set.
An hour ago everything was different,
when the light was glaring before the end of day.
Now I turn to the Moon reflected in a blackened window,
creating another curtain to peak through.
Now the night couples city lights,
from shops, strangers windows, and cars passing;
soften the landscape of brick and cement.
Now my imagination expands into endless stories,
separate from mine, beyond my before.

Bridget Seley-Galway

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