Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Lo Galluccio

Poet Lo Galluccio

Lo Galluccio is a writer and vocalist who served as Poet Populist of Cambridge from 2013-2015.  Her first poetry chapbook, “Hot Rain” was released by Ibbetson St. Press and another, “Terrible Baubles” came out on Propaganda Press. Some of the poems were set to music by pianist Eric Zinman with whom she made a CD of the same title in 2012.  Her prose-poem memoir, “Sarasota VII” was published by Cervena Barva Press in 2010.  Her first Knitting Factory CD, “Being Visited” was hailed as “by turns mysterious, seductive, surreal and spacey” by NYC DJ Vin Scelsa.  “Spell on You” – her follow up record – inhabits a totally different world of bluesy rock, spirituals and jazz standards.  Lo is currently a student at Stonecoast’s low res MFA program in creative writing.  Her writer’s site is

Why I write

I write to underscore parts so my life has music, to add a layer of intelligent analysis to it, to objectify it—I write to overthrow negligence and to reinstate caring.  I write to create waves of language, like an ocean on which my life-boat bobs.  I write to exercise my given gleaming and edgy particulars.  I write instead of watching a horror movie, because of the horror movie, because it’s scary to be a human being surrounded by crimes.  Because memories of the past can be enshrined by an alphabet of signs.  I write to know myself better.  I write to exaggerate and refine.  I write to create a cook book of life recipes, to look backwards, to look forwards.  I write to be at ease; I write to labor at something.  I was taught to write and so I write.  I write to get better at writing.  I write to unload crates in my mind.  I write to condense experience and to flag what happens, what has happened.  I write to better my chances.  I write to clean my lens, to sharpen the focus, to snapshot happenings, to add color and time to things.  I write, sometimes, hysterically about what I want and what I can’t have.  I write sometimes calmly as if I were at the prow of the boat and the horizon lay smoothly ahead.  I write against treachery.  I write for love and against it.  I write so I will be rescued by a hero.  I write as if I were the heroine of a tragic romance.  I write to commemorate the villain.  I write so others might see how hip and afraid and intense I am.  I write to reach my fellow humans.  I write in beams. I write in knots.  I write over some shit and beneath it.   I write to fly.  I write to dream better.  I write to caress life.  To be loved, I write.

Lo  Galluccio

Why I Write – prompted by the Creative Non-fiction book

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