Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Frits Fairhurst

Poet Frits Fairhurst

Fritz Fairhurst graduated from UMassDartmouth in 1988-- magna cum laude-- with a concentration in Creative Writing and English Literature. Fairhurst was mentored by Yvonne Sandstroem and Everett Hoagland. He then completed a Masters of Liberal Studies at NYU in 1990.under the auspices of Stephen Rudy and Friederich Ulfers. His thesis is titled, “Nietzsche’s Passages: Metonymical Flux...”


Pressed by the moon
Into an unknown 
Lured into the mystery
Of its spell
Staring at the glow
Knowing of the effect
On the oceans tides
Wondering if an internal
Change really happens
What I see reminds
Those who gaze
Those who wish
And those who count on
The forces of the orb
Will you pull
On the waters 
Of my life with
The ebb and
The flow
Like an opened page
Giving and emitting
Energy to make dreams
Filled with passion
That exercise the strength
Of the brain 
The organic computer
Shine more shine

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