Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Bridget Galway

Poet Bridget Galway

Bridget Seley-Galway, an artist/poet, has exhibited throughout New England, and can also be seen on the Spanish Island Ibiza’s web site. Her poetry has been printed in Provincetown Magazine 2009-2010,Bagel Bards Anthology 2009-2012, and Popt Art 2011-2012. Her art has been presented in 1985 Artist Magazine, 1991 The Review Cape Cod Arts and Antiques, 2005 Cape Arts Review, and picked for the covers of Bagel Bards Anthology #5, Ibbetson Street Press #26-#30.

Son’s Light

In this mid day coming;
The great newness of joy,
Swaddled your being
Nestled in my arms.

Your small hands touch my cheek,
With the sweet scent
Of the lost natal sea.

My heart rests,
In the smile this bliss creates.
In contrast my soul cries,
Be perfect for this perfection.

A Star’s light,
From whose dust we are made,
Twinkles from your gray blue eyes, and
Offers up a long ago memory,
Of Angels, now ever present,
Define this forever Holy Day.

Written for my Blake

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