Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Julia Monaco

Poet Julia Monaco

 Julia Monaco is a freshman at Endicott College from Sandy Hook, CT. She is double majoring in International Business and Marketing, and has always enjoyed poetry and writing creatively. The poems she wrote each do not reflect one person, but pieces of the many stories she has heard of people throughout her life.


“A yellow paper rose twisted on a wire hanger in the closet.”
His sweet aroma glides off his sweater just a hanger over.
It lingers in the air,
I inhale deeply and close my eyes,
There he was.
Sitting peacefully in his chair, tea in hand.
A rose is hanging out of his shirt pocket.

I open my eyes and he’s gone.
We are gone.
Our petals have fallen one-by-one.
Our stem turned a corpsy brown and crumbled.
There is nothing but a memory left of us.

A memory of where we once stood proudly, unmoved by Earth,
Our bright yellow and white colors illuminating our surroundings
Like the radiant sun above us.

A memory of a warm summer breeze passing through the yard.
Now memories are beginning to fade
Like the color in our petals before they dropped.
As seasons come and go,
The memory of you slips away. 

--Julia Monaco


  1. Subtle message, but emotions bursting forth. Real feeling. Would like to read more from this poet.

  2. Subtle emotions bursting forth. A fading love that is almost out of reach. Loved it!!!