Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Simrin Tamhane

Simrin Tamhane

Simrin Tamhane is an international student from the Himalayan state of Sikkim in India.  Currently a junior at Endicott College, she is majoring in International Studies and is interested in human rights and many of her writings focuses on this topic. She also writes about her childhood back in India and she enjoys old music, tragedies and iced lemonade in the winter.


Her eyes are cold marbles,
That don't remember warmth.
Her mind is a forgotten novel,
That lays lifeless on dusty shelves.

Her heart is a hollow violin
Strings broken and
Broken dreams.

She walks on shards of glass.
She is a catastrophe
Waiting to explode.


Nights like this I wish,
You were here next to me,
Laughing at my failed attempt to bake
Or making fun of my fingernails.

I wish I could feel,
The warmth of your fingers
Intertwined to mine.

I wish I could taste,
The sweet melody of your laughter
And hear the low rumbles of
Your heart echoing into mine.

I just wish to be home again.
With you.

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