Friday, February 12, 2016

Endicott College Creative Writing Students Series: Featuring the work of Emily Whitney

An Escape
By Emily Whitney
Everybody needs to have an outlet of some form. In life whether every person knows it or not, they cope, even if their outlet is sitting daydreaming, or deep breathing, there’s no doubt that having an outlet is necessary. When one thinks of an outlet and what it could be defined as, an object might not be their initial thought. My outlet is defined by three words, the name of a physical object, My Lacrosse Stick. A ball in the netting is not the only thing that my lacrosse stick holds. Within that netting, worn of hundreds of throws and catches each day holds my passion and some of my fondest memories. Within the frayed and dirt encrusted strings, I see my dad and I passing everyday after school since I was 8. Along the shaft of it are the words in royal blue GULLS #8. In between the Gulls and my number lies a massive dent that has no paint on it and only shows the metal bare boned rod. There are small ridges and little but noticeable marks that detail the rest of the surrounding paint. These many marks remind me of the moments I’ve experienced throughout my college career. When I clench my stick I feel comfortable. My dry hands wrap around it and I can feel  them tingle. Holding my lacrosse stick is the most natural thing I know how to do. It makes me feel at home; I never get bored of this satisfaction. When I feel stressed or need an outlet there’s never a doubt in my mind what to do. The answer is always to grab my beat up stick, to escape, to cope, to remember what I love so much, what makes me happy. 

Student Bio: Emily Whitney
Junior at Endicott College

I am an Education Studies Major, concentration in Early Childhood.
I live in Rye, New Hampshire. I thoroughly enjoy writing. I keep a journal and love to free write in my leisure time. In addition, I am a member of the Varsity Women’s lacrosse team here at Endicott. A lot of my writing is about lacrosse. It is my passion and something I could continually write in depth about, and it inspired this observational piece.

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