Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Out of the Blue Gallery--To Close and Hopefully Move to New Location!

The Out of the Blue Gallery--Cambridge, Mass.

I got this message from Tom Tipton ,the owner of the Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, Mass. For years I have attended events, hosted readings, and even contributed to an anthology of prose and poetry edited by Timothy Gager and Deborah Priestly The Out of the Blue Gallery Unites under the umbrella of the Out of the Blue. Many Somerville artists, and artist from around the area and the country, have found this venue a welcoming oasis for their creative output. This is a top shelf grassroots organization and I hope it lands in a new location.--Doug Holder. 

After nearly 18 years of providing a home for local artists at our present location, the Out of the Blue Gallery, must find a new home due to real estate issues beyond our control. 

The Gallery has been operating out of Central Square in Cambridge, providing a home for local artists of all genres. We provide a space for writers groups, dance classes, acoustic music and more to meet and showcase their talents. We hang art not only in our own gallery, but at several other Cambridge locations including The Middle East and 1369 Coffee House.

The Gallery has become known as a welcoming starter venue to those whose talents might not otherwise be recognized, as well as a home for more established acts and artists. We provide an intimate atmosphere for everyone, of all abilities, to benefit from each others creative accomplishments.

Thank you for all the love and support for the Gallery, and each other all these years. The plan is to keep it going.

We invite you to join us for a series of benefits to help us raise money to offset the financial burden of relocating. Every penny donated will go toward improving the gallery to better serve the community.

Supporting Out of the Blue Gallery is supporting local artists, musicians and more
Upcoming Benefits:
online fundraiser

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