Sunday, February 09, 2014

Women Musicians Network 17th annual concert, March 5th

-- Lucy Holstedt, my neighbor and friend on School St. in Somerville puts on this great musical event in Boston every year. Here is an article by her husband Kirk Etherton, who also helps with this festive occasion....

Women Musicians Network
17th annual concert, March 5th


            Once a year, there's a once-in-lifetime show. This year, it's Wed., March 5th.  The focus—as always—will be on Berklee women students and their bands from around the world. Just make sure you're at the Berklee Performance Center, prepared to be surprised and amazed. 

            This year's WMN concert features 12 original acts. They range from Latin jazz and cabaret pop, to electronic, Middle Eastern, and big band. Something for everyone—or everything for everyone, perhaps, given the consistently high level of originality and musicianship. The WMN show is always extremely diverse, but never at the expense of quality. (Note: men are not excluded; you'll see plenty of very fine, non-female musicians.)

      Somerville resident Prof. Lucy Holstedt is WMN co-founder, faculty advisor, and always-engaging concert host. Co-directing the show once again (and also leading a performance of her Balkan Choir) is Prof. Christiane Karam.

Women Musicians Network
17th Annual Concert, 2014
Wed., March 5th, 8:15 - 10:00 pm
Berklee Performance Center
136 Mass. Ave., Boston
$8 in advance, $12 at the door
 Box Office: 617.266.7455

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