Monday, October 08, 2012

New Ibbetson Release: Shorelines by Philip E. Burnham, Jr.

Oct. 2012.......  $15   go to to order

"Burnham’s poems of sea-washed peace are formal, precise
in description, and elegant. His care for language and his
exquisite ear make the poems a gift for any reader."
Bert Stern, Off the Grid Press

"Why Read Poetry? Because poetry is singing on paper and it
soothes, stirs, opens the eyes and heart of the reader. And
Philip Burnham’s way of seeing and singing is the canny
sailor’s way…whose heart is lifted sailing into New York
harbor (in “Good Morning, Alice”) lifted only to be broken
“On Pemaquid Beach” and healed with ”After Isaiah.”
Burnham’s poems will also win admiration for their subtle
classic forms."
Diana Der-Hovanessian, President,
New England Poetry Club

"Philip Burnham’s poems have a slow-building intensity to
them, a quiet meditative force that gathers from the first
few lines and takes the reader into the heart of his experiences
of nature, love, history, and place. Shore Lines is a
rich trove of the well-observed and the deeply felt."
Adam Haslett,
Author of You are Not a Stranger Here
National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize Finalist

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