Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bagel Bard Anthology Reading Sept 24 8PM

****** The Bagel Bards was founded in 2004 in the basement of a Finagle A Bagel in Harvard Square by Harris Gardner and Doug Holder.

 From a Poets and Writers article by Ifeanyi Menkiti:

Bagel Bards, a seven-year-old group cofounded by Douglas Holder of Ibbetson Street Press and Harris Gardner, is not a writing workshop—though those who come can, if they wish, bring work to share and receive feedback from other members—but rather a dedicated group of area poets and writers who meet every Saturday morning for company and support in Somerville’s Davis Square at the Au Bon Pain (18-48 Holland Street). (They even have a permanent symbolic home at the coffee shop, as management has allowed members to have a plaque in the corner where they meet behind the muffin case.) Important parts of the meetings are recorded for future reference by a designated member with the title of “Word Catcher.” There is no fee to belong or join the Bagel Bards. All that is needed is a willingness to bring oneself to Davis Square on Saturday mornings, maybe purchase a bagel or two, or a steaming cup of coffee, so as to keep the management happy. Last year poet Clayton Eshleman paid a surprise visit to the Bards while he was in town and had warm things to say about the group and its spirit. Other prize-winning authors such as Kathleen Spivack, Afaa Michael Weaver, and Gloria Mindock can be found holding court there. A Bagel Bards anthology is also published annually.

Hosted and organized by Rene Schwiesow

1. Prema Bangera

2. Philip Burnham

3. Heather Campbell

4. Julia Carlson

5. Louisa Clerici

6. Dennis Daly

7. Timothy Gager

8. Bridget Galway

9. Harris Gardner

10. Steve Glines

11. Elizabeth Hanson

12. Doug Holder

13. Abbott Ikeler

14. Irene Koronas

15. Linda Larson

16. Deborah Leipziger

17. Tony Majahad

18. Gloria Mindock

19. Thomas O’Leary

20. Ralph Pennel

21. Janice Rebibo

22. Rosie Rosenzweig

23. Rene Schwiesow

24. Jack Scully

25. Wendell Smith

26. Manson Solomon

27. Paul Steven Stone

28. Chris Warner

29. Alice Weiss

30. Debra Weiss

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