Monday, July 30, 2012

Captive Cities B.Z. Niditch

Captive Cities
B.Z. Niditch
Presa Press
2012 $8.00

“Neon passing hours
fallen out of sleep
in restless illusions
and you, Andy Warhol
waiting for the factory
to gate crash, to start rolling
the film in your cinematic
extras, even murderers
replete with manifestos
arrive on the scene
even now the Sixties
still has bitter nostalgia
when art deconstructed
in your time.”

Niditch pitches his poems into the past, bringing
the reader into the present place and time. Along
with his experiences, political and otherwise, he
relates and sculpts the poems with sensitivity.

“Off  Gloucester
with the wind sails
burning up the coast
that tomorrow's red sun
disappears at first light,
my brow beaten
into a Melville frenzy...”

Irene Koronas
Ibbetson Street Press

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