Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Harvard Square's Lowes Theatre to Close in July : A Poetic Response

Harvard Square's Lowes Theatre to Close in July 

  I have been going to that theater from my my undergraduate days in the 1970s to now, a man decidedly in his middle-age.  I can only imagine what they will replace this grand ole' venue with, a scented soap shop?/ body lotions?/new expensive-pretentious bistro?/ cutting-edge chain clothes store?/ --another Starbucks?  How about a new idea?--condos!  I will miss this joint--and the many others that have disappeared from the Square--  Here is a poem for the theater:

Best--Doug Holder

Harvard Square Theater

To spend the dog days

in the darkened theater

 My Last Tango in Paris

a hot three hour

respite from the heat.

The midnight mass

of the faithful

the rituals

the memorized chants

to the Rock Horror Picture  show

I will grab a  beer

from the ghost of the Wursthaus

then get a seat in the back

the flickering of the dark cinema

a two hour balm

before I hit the hot street

then it's gone.....

------ Doug Holder

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