Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doug Holder Profiled in July 16, 2010 "The Jewish Advocate

Holder hosts Jewish bards of Boston

By Zvi A. Sesling Special to the Advocate

Doug Holder has earned the nickname “Johnny Appleseed of Poetry” for his many years of writing, encouraging and promoting verse in Greater Boston. He is a Jewish poet, but while his faith infuses his work, his themes are too wide ranging to be pigeon-holed.

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****The Jewish Advocate

The Jewish Advocate, founded in 1902, is the oldest continually-circulated English-language Jewish newspaper in the United States.

Based in downtown Boston, in the former Boston Post daily newspaper building (which, in its cellars four stories underground, still contains the century-old pulleys-and-lifts system equipment for the publishing presses of those days) overlooking what was known in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as “newspaper row”, The Jewish Advocate has published weekly every week since its founding over one hundred years ago. The paper is the primary Jewish newspaper for the Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts metropolitan area, and for much of New England, with subscribers in all 50 states and 14 foreign countries.

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