Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Fair --- Haverhill Public Library-- Aug 26, 2010


Christopher & Nancy Obert, owners of Pear Tree Publishing and authors of “The Next Harvest, Vineyards & Wineries of New England.” (Event Organizer)

Coralie Hughes Jensen, author of the novels “Passup Point,” “Lety’s Gift” & “Winter Harvest.” (Event Organizer)

Christopher Golden, nationally famous author of many comic books, plays, horror & fantasy novels, including “Wildwood Road,” Straight on Til Morning” and Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels.

Allan Hunter, author of “The Six Archetypes of Love” and “Stories We Need To Know.”

Bruce Valley, author of “Seahawk: Confessions of an Old Hockey Goalie, “Flying Frenchmen: The Story of the Berlin Maroons and the REAL Hockeytown USA” and “Rye Harbor, Poems of the New Hampshire Seacoast.”

Claire Gibeau, author of 2 novels and 8 children’s books.

Elena Dorothy Bowman, author of “The Sarah’s Landing” Series.

Jean Foley Doyle, author of “Life in Newburyport, 1900 – 1950” and “Life in Newburyport, 1950 – 1985”

K. D. Mason, author of “Ice Harbor” and “Changing Tides.”

Lucinda Marcoux, author of “King of the Forest.”

Nate Kenyon, author of many horror books and short stories including “Prime” and “The Bone Factory.”

Tracy Carbone, short story author with stories in the “Traps” anthology and many other publications.

Scott Goudsward, author of horror novel “Trailer Trash,” editor of “Traps” and author of the non-fiction horror guidebook “Shadows over New England.”

Paul Stone, author of “Or So It Seems” and “How to Train a Rock.”

Monique & Alexa Peters, authors and illustrators of “Cooper and Me.”

Michael LaFosse & Richard Alexander, owners of Origamido Studio and authors of numerous books on origami.

Ashlyn Chase, author of “Strange Neighbors” and other Romantic Comedy.

Anna Soria, editor of “Voices of Haverhill” poetry by Greater Haverhill Poets.

Jeanine Malarsky, author of “Black Raspberries.”

Anne Ipsen, author of “Karen from the Mill”, a novel from the golden age of sail; as well as other novels.

Christina James, Author of “Naughty and Wicked Romance...With No Strings Attached” and other novels.

Cindy Davis, author of the novel “Voice from the Ashes.”

Dave Daniel, author of “Murder at the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

Ed Marshall, author and creator of the hand made poetry books “Sandalwood,” “Lilacs” and “Ripples.”

John Katsaros, author of the World War II memoir “Code Burgundy, the Long Escape.”

Kevin Conley, comic book illustrator for comics such as “Kid Houdini and The Silver-Dollar Misfits.”

Michael Bisceglia, author of the novel “Room 600.”

Michael Kilday, author of numerous Spiritual books.

Michaeline Della Fera, author of “Women at the Table.”

Nikki Andrews, author of “Chicken Bones” and “A Windswept Star.”

Pat Emiro, author of the memoir “Finger of God” and the poetry book “Expressions from His Heart.”

Roxanne Dent, author of supernatural Romance novels.

Doug Holder, founder and editor at Ibbetson Street Press – which publishes the best of the small press poetry.

William Bond, author of many business books.

The Greater Haverhill Poets, a group of poets and writers based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Authors of the poetry compilation books “Pen & Brush,” “Voices of Haverhill” and “Poetic Fairy Tales.”

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