Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Madras Press- A Non-Profit Press that will be profitable for charities

From Publisher: Sumanth Prabhaker

This winter will see the launch of Madras Press, a non-profit publisher of individually bound short stories and novellas. The format of the books will provide readers with the opportunity to experience a story on its own, with no advertisements or unrelated articles surrounding it; this will also provide a home for stories that are often arbitrarily ignored by commercial publishing outfits, whether because they’re too long for magazines but not trade-book length, or because they don’t resemble certain other stories. These are clumsy, ill-fitting stories made perfect when read in the simplest possible way.

Published in regular series of four, the books will serve as fundraising efforts for a growing list of charitable organizations. Each author has selected a beneficiary to which all net proceeds generated from the sales of his or her book will be donated; they include organizations dedicated to environmental protection, community development, human services, and much more.

Starting October 1, the first series of books can be pre-ordered on the press’s website, These titles will include stories by Aimee Bender, Trinie Dalton, Rebecca Lee, and Sumanth Prabhaker. The books will ship in early December, and the next series¬—including stories by Joy Williams and Yoko Ogawa—will soon follow. At the online store you can also subscribe, two series at a time, to receive new releases at a discounted rate. Additionally, you can find Madras Press titles at independent bookstores around the US.

About Madras Press authors:

Aimee Bender is the author of the story collections The Girl in the Flammable Skirt and Willful Creatures and the novel An Invisible Sign of My Own.

Trinie Dalton is the author of the story collection Wide-Eyed and the editor of Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is, an art book composed of notes confiscated from students, and of MYTHTYM, an anthology of essays on unicorns, werewolves, and the horror genre.

Rebecca Lee is the author of the novel The City Is a Rising Tide. She teaches at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Yoko Ogawa has published numerous books in Japan. Recently, Picador released two of them in the US: The Diving Pool, a collection of three novellas, and The Housekeeper and the Professor, a novel. Ogawa has won every major Japanese literary award.

Sumanth Prabhaker is the founding editor of Madras Press.

Joy Williams is the author of many books, including The Quick and the Dead, Ill Nature, and Honored Guest. Among the awards her work has garnered are the Harold and Mildred Strauss Living Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the Rea Award for the Short Story.

For further information, contact Sumanth Prabhaker:
You can find Madras Press on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and, starting October 1, online at

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