Wednesday, July 29, 2009

James Has Diabetes Mariah Daily

James Has Diabetes
Mariah Daly

As a parent it is difficult to comprehend and deal with the diagnosis of disease in one of our children. Yet, as difficult as it is for an adult, the confusion for the child is greater. Lifestyle changes are difficult and when those changes involve the need to remove items we love to eat from our diet, when those changes involve dealing with needles on a daily basis, when those changes involve the possibility of ridicule or shunning by other children, a child can feel fearful and alone.

Mariah Daly is a licensed, practicing nurse with a Master’s in Education. She has taught children in after school programs in both Boston and Cambridge and her love for children, her dedication to helping the child understand their illness shines through in Mariah’s first book, “James Has Diabetes.”

The journey for young James, an active elementary school student with a penchant for baseball begins with his feeling tired during activities. James lives with his mother, his father, and a sister named Julia. Julia is frustrated that James is sleeping all the time and James, himself, becomes concerned when running the bases causes him fatigue and sweatiness. James parents also notice a difference in James’ energy and eating habits and make an appointment to take James to the doctor where he is diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Mariah’s background in nursing allows her to share the medical information clearly while she writes with empathy about the changes James and his family will encounter. From his hospital stay and the interaction between the parents and children in an educational in-patient program, to the way in which James’ teacher handles introducing his classmates to his disease, Mariah leaves no base uncovered. Even the child who fears the loss of dessert will find that there are delicious alternatives. Even the local baker is a diabetic who helps James understand the options available for his new dietary choices.

Reading to the younger child in two or three shorter sessions will make the length of the book and the depth of information easier handle. Older children will enjoy the book in its entirety and may even enjoy taking turns reading with you!

You can find “James Has Diabetes” in some branches of the Boston Public Library, it can be purchased at Porter Square Book Store; MIT Co-op; Curious George, Harvard Square; Brookline Booksmith; Brookline Children’s Bookstore in Brookline Village; or can be purchased on the author’s website: The price is $14.70.

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