Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Advertise with a popular online and print literary column in the heart of the Paris of New England

Unique advertising opportunities for Publishers, authors, retreats, bookstores, etc....

Off the Shelf is a popular literary column in The Somerville News written by Doug Holder. Somerville, Mass, commonly referred to as the "Paris of New England" boasts more writers per capita than the isle of Manhattan. It is a city situated in the midst of the literary capitals of America: Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville, Mass. It is a city that is full of students, academics, writers, publishers, who are nourished by the likes of Harvard University, Tufts, Brandeis, MIT, and 100 other institutions of higher learning in the immediate vicinity.

I am pleased to announce The Somerville News will be providing ad space on my literary column page in The Somerville News. Consider this:

-- The Somerville News has a local readership of 15,000 people per week.

-- This weekly paper has 6,000 issues printed each week.

-- It is delivered to 150 locations in Somerville.

-- Our online paper gets 30,000 hits a month.

-- We are inexpensive and effective.

* If you are interested in discussing advertising opps. with me for "Off the Shelf" or The Somerville News-at-large, contact: Bobie Toner at 617-666-4010 or me Doug Holder or call 617-628-2313.

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