Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Case Fbdy by Kate Schapira

Case Fbdy
Kate Schapira
rope-a-dope press 2007

Some of the language in this book of poems comes from,

"a found page of text from a medical journal."
Schapira's inspiration from the one page is fused with
meaning; an honest presentation of characters and
situations we may identify with.

"practice from the outside to the trachea
get her to swallow half the battle. limit
use to a similar instrument. this original
observation of the authors has been observed."

Case Fbdy is a tiny book carefully considered, hand
sewn, folded and more importantly, Kate Schapira
blends the words, each poem becomes her own, then it
becomes the readers:

"old enough to swallow herself
girls seem to be prone
with heads downward. attention
transfixes across the lumen
her obligation. chores.
like on little house
on the prairie sundays
no work as possible
as folded stillness.
staring. aged. enough.
cure. inhale. one every
year for the rest of your
life. see how you've grown"

There are eighteen poems in this unique book. All the
poems stand on their own as they meld with each other.
I will chose to read these poems over and over again;
it is insightful and requires frequent readings. Don't
let the size fool you. This book is an important
presence and deserves a careful read.

Irene Koronas
poetry editor: wilderness house literary review
submissions editor: ibbetson street press

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