Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Allston, Mass. Press releases poetry and prose anthology "HOME" edited by Anne Brudevold

(Eden Waters Staff --Anne Brudevold second from left.)

The Eden Waters Press of Allston, Mass. has just released their first anthology: “HOME,” edited by Anne Brudevold.

Luke Salisbury, Professor of English at Bunker Hill Community College and author of “Hollywood and Sunset,” writes of this book of poetry and prose:

The Eden Waters Press HOME Anthology is an excellent display of mature but diverse talent. These poets know what they are doing. Whether it’s Doug Holder and Harris Gardner demonstrating that humor and precision may be the most effective weapons for dissecting the world, a fresh voice like Eleanor Goodman plumbing the mysteries of paternity, Barbara Bialick evoking soil and soul in her mother’s Detroit past, or Judith Barrington’s terrific poem “The Questionnaire” putting a brutal but human spin on the old questions: “Where is home?” and “Do you know how to get there?’—this collection is a winner.

The prose selections should not be overlooked. Abbott Ikeler is eloquent about his English grandmother. Barbara Beckwith writes deliciously about walking to Harvard Square, and Lo Galluccio searches for home in all the wrong places. Katherine Adam’s memoir about her parents’ eight-foot statue of a naked woman planted in their 1958 North Carolina backyard is a classic. The poetry, photography and too-few Martha Boss drawings make this fine little book a must.”

Eden Waters Press
14 Farrington Ave.
Allston, Mass.

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  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    We have changed our name. We no longer live in Allston. So our blog is not called blog:http:// Our website is still We're assembling a second thematic journal this time not on the theme of home, but the theme of journey. The deadline is past. We are now in production mode. But we'll take a vacation around the holidays. I'm going to New Zealand. Expect the Journey magazine to come out in February. We have projects after that too, so we keep on the scene.
    Happy holidays to all of you.